Room 13 – Week 3 Term 4, 2019

Welcome to Week 3!

I hope that you have had a lovely start to the week. I apologise for the delay in the blog post!


  • Thursday 24th October – Sports Expo
  • Thursday 24th October – Show us Your Seams Day
  • Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup Day
  • Monday 11th November – House Swimming for Grades F-2 (12pm-3pm)
  • Monday 2nd December – Christmas Carols Concert
  • Tuesday 10th December – A Day in the Life
  • Thursday 19th December – Mr Jackson’s Movie Day
  • Friday 20th December – Final day of Term 4 (1:30pm finish)


  • A reminder that school hats must be brought to school every day. Sunscreen is available for students to apply at recess/lunch.
  • This term, Assemblies will be on Monday mornings at 9am. 
  • The parent helper timetable for this term is displayed outside the internal classroom door.
  • Thank you to the families who assisted at our Working Bee on Saturday 🙂


DEBRA Foundation Fundraiser

  • We will be raising money for the DEBRA foundation through the sale of wristbands ($4), blow up beach balls ($5) and sunnies ($8) throughout Week 3.
  • Thursday 24th October will be ‘Show us Your Seams Day” where students will wear their school uniform inside-out and bring a gold coin donation for the DEBRA Foundation. 


Icypole Friday

Icy pole Fridays have now begun and will continue for the rest of the year. Icy poles are $1 each and will be available on Fridays at lunchtime. 



Our sounds of the weeks are:

ar (star) “Be a star ar, ar, ar”

ir (bird) “Birds turn ir, ir, ir”

Sound Waves chants:



In reading, we will be focusing on the following CAFE strategies:

  • COMPREHENSION: Determine and analyse author’s purpose and support with text
  • ACCURACY: Use beginning and ending sounds
  • EXPANDED VOCABULARY: Ask someone to define the word for you
  • FLUENCY: Practise common sight words and high frequency words

You can support these strategies at home in the following ways:

  • Discuss why the author wrote the book and what they want us to know/learn, using clues in the text to help us
  • When reading unknown words, assist your child to look at the beginning and end sounds of the word before stretching it – this will assist in making sure your child stretches the whole word and not just the initial sounds
  • Look for unknown vocabulary in books and discuss what these words mean
  • Practise sight words at home and identify these in readers and books



In writing, students will continue to  use graphic organisers to help plan and structure their recount writing.  Using Ollie Openers, we will continue to include different openers in our writing to make it more interesting (e.g. first, next, then, finally).  

Students will commence learning how to write narratives, with a focus on the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. We will be focusing on using storyboards to help us write the beginning, middle and end of this fairytale.

The weekly grammar focus is proper nouns (nouns that name specific people, places, things and ideas e.g. Room 13, Heidelberg Primary School).

In handwriting, students are focusing on number formation. The numbers for this week are 5 and 6.


BIG WRITE (R13 and 17)

The Big Write for this week is ‘My Favourite Superhero.’

Over the next week, we are asking students to think about their favourite superhero. Some questions to discuss with your child could be


  • Who is it?
  • Why are they their favourite? 
  • What special powers or characteristics do they have?


They will write about this during the week, as well as drawing a picture to illustrate their favourite superhero.


This week we will be looking at the concepts of addition and subtraction, as well as revising everything that students know about the number 10. We will also be revising measurement including mass, length and capacity. 


Have a lovely weekend! 🙂 

Miss Jackson


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